Archive for September, 2009

First new performances coming up!

The first new performances are confirmed. You can find them in our Calendar. The first performance with our new project will take place in the movie theater “Plaza Futura” on the 30th of October. A week later we perform in the “Kelderman en van Noort” gallery (6th of November) here we also invite “Staplerfahrer”, “Ruistuin” and “Orphax” to do a audio performance. Hope to see you there!


Website up and running

Well, the web-page is fully up and running now with everything working. Info is added to the about section so check that out.  We will continue spreading/ promoting the project now so be on the lookout for The Pal Project coming your way!



The pattern series test video’s online

We’ve uploaded 2 test video’s for the pattern series and placed them in the Video section of the site. Also we’ve added some older recordings we did with The videoword made flesh. More to be added soon!


Calendar filled

The Calendar section is now updated. Upcoming events to be added when confirmed.


Building website

We are currently building the website. Come back soon for more information!