Phase Alternating Line is a new live ‘audio-video art performance’ by Albert van Abbe (1982, Eindhoven The Netherlands) and Wim-Jan Smits (1984, Tilburg The Netherlands). This project was started in 2009 after the video art collective ‘The Video Word Made Flesh‘ was discontinued.

In this project Albert and Wim-Jan will research ‘signals‘ (physical and metaphysical signals as we think our universe and everything in it is frequencies or ‘signals’). In this research the medium we use to translate these signals is the video signal ‘PAL‘.

Within the PAL project (Phase Alternating Line) there will be a focus on 2 series, one being ‘the harmonic series’ and two, ‘the pattern series’. The harmonic series will represent a merging of audio and video frequencies in a organic way, the pattern series will be material where we will extract patterns from the raw a/v signal in a more rhythmic (almost danceable) live performance. Main focus in that series will be repetition and sequence.

The PAL project is the live generating and manipulating of audio-video using modified/ redesigned analog hardware. The true nature of ‘the signal’ is forced into the open by introducing a ‘glitch‘ into the PAL system, contorting the synced connections. The audio-video comes from the same source being a black endless video signal, which is than the canvas to generate shape and sound upon.

In short and intense live improvised performances both artists will pass ‘the signal’ around, adding, extracting and modifying it. The project and performances are a living process and unpredictable, every performance will be different, an abnormality in time.

Technical rider 2011
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